Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 9 - Osaka

We are at our final leg of our holiday in Japan. This morning we had to go to Shin Yokohama station to take the slowest of the Shinkanzen on a two hour journey to Shin Osaka, stopping at every station. This is the Kodomo Platt ticket.

Our train 641 9.16 am sharp to Osaka

The Shinkanzen at the background.

Business class, comfy, spacious and comes with a free drink

My one and only glimpse of Mt Fuji during the entire stay in Japan
Our first AirBnB experience. An apartment with 4 beds and one small bathroom. And Eddie is joining us tonight!

View of downtown Osaka

The famous Osaka Castle

Ya right..attitude

The moat runs round the castle

More cherry blossoms

Guess who's the cheeky one?

Day 8 - Lake Aishi, Hakone, Ropeway and Gotemba Premium Shopping Outlet

For a change, we are joining a local day tour group to the region of Hakone which is near Mount Fuji.
The meeting point was at a hotel in Shinjuku at 9.00 am. Therefore we had to leave very early from Yokohama so as to be on time at the meeting point.
Shinjuku early in the morning
Then it was on the bus for a hour and half journey to Hakone.

Boarding the cruise ship

Our ship for the short cruise across the lake to the Ropeway station

Then its onto the cable car up the mountain

The ropeway at the time of this blog is closed due to volcanic activities!

At the top of the mountain after a few minutes walk from the ropeway station

Here everybody gotta eat the black hardboiled eggs.

Alicia with our bag of eggs

After a late buffet lunch, the last stop of the day before heading back to Tokyo was Gotemba Premium Outlets. Perhaps the highlight of the day's actvities for the girls!

Just under two hours of shopping and they managed to return to the bus with big shopping bags.

Shinjuku at night

Yokohama Isezakicho Wahington Hotel

Day 7 - Coastal town of Kamakura

South of Yokohama about half an hour away by train is the popular tourist destination of Kamakura. Sometimes called the Kyoto of Eastern Japan, Kamakura offers numerous temples, shrines and other historical monuments.
A hearty brunch before the start of the trip

Hachimangu Shrine. Kamakura's most important Shinto shrine.

Cherry blossom trees

Yup, we all bought gloves half way thru the trip. lol

A warm meal and coffe
The Great Buddha of Kamakura is a bronze statue which stands on the grounds of Kotokuin Temple. With a height of 13.5 metres, it is the second tallest bronze Buddha statue in Japan, surpassed only by the statue in Nara's Todaiji Temple.
Kamakura Daibutsu

Hasedera is a temple of the Jodo sect, that is most famous for its statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy. The temple is built along the slope of a wooded hill. It has a pretty garden with ponds at the base of the hill.

Lookout point overlloking the coastal town

The beatiful temple grounds

Entrance to the Benten-kutsu Cave